About us

GoShaka was founded by Thomas, Florian and Bas out of a shared passion for kitesurfing and entrepreneurship.

Our mission

Make kitesurfing affordable carefree accessible safer even better for kitesurfers worldwide

Our values


While offering an excellent service we want to make kitesurfing even more fun for you. How can we elevate your experience? Let us know!


In our mission to make kiteboarding more accessible we offer fair prices at fair terms and conditions.


We assume that you are chill, and you can assume that we are chill. This means no hidden costs and clear communication.

the GoShaka team


Bas Vaassen
Commercial Lead
Florian Dijkstra
Operational Lead
Thomas van der Zijden
Financial Lead

Shaka Riders

Dominique Foss
Shaka Rider
Redmer van Dobbenburgh
Shaka Rider
Mignon Rijnja
Shaka Rider

Our story

After completing our beginner kite course we immediately fell in love with the sport. Didn't we all! So... time for your own kitesurfing set.

But then you discover that the sport can be insanely expensive. So, off you go to the second-hand market. But: how do I know if the gear is in a good condition? What if my kite suddenly breaks after 2 sessions? In addition, as a beginner you have no idea what kind of gear you need. 

After your first jumps and backrolls, you want the latest gear to get even more out of your session, but that is often completely unaffordable.

GoShaka was created from this idea.

Our mission is to make the very best gear accessible to both beginners and seasoned kitelooping daredevils!

No more high entry costs. Don't worry about whether you are riding with safe equipment. No missed sessions because your kite is in repair. Just send it and enjoy! 


Want to test out your new kite first? Which can! Plan your Try & Fly!