Slingshot Code V1

Slingshot Code V1

This product contains:

  • Orange Code V1 Kite
  • Slingshot Kite backpack
  • Bladder Patch Kit


Retail value: €1,319.00 – €1,789.00

From:  39,00 / month

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Brand new gear
Rrepair service
Annual gear check

Board bag service
 Free participation in GoShaka events
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Slingshot Code V1 2023 Kite

Super nice versatile kite for freeride, hooked tricks and jumps from Slingshot

The Slingshot Code V1 is a completely new kite within the Slingshot kitesurf range in 2023. Slingshot has created the Code V1 to offer you the most versatile pefromance kite on the market. A kite with which you can make your first meters on the water and grow to great heights. Whether it's your first backrolls, downloops, jumps or railies; the Slingshot Code V1 takes you to your next level.

Within Slingshot's kite line-up, the Code V1 is the most all-round kite and therefore the perfect kite if you have just started. Even if you want to discover all disciplines or simply do not want to commit to one kitesurfing discipline.


The completely new Slingshot Code V1 is made of a new lighter weight dacron than what the Slingshot kites were previously made of. In combination with the new shape of the Code V1, this ensures great flying characteristics. In addition, the cloth is made of super strong and high-density 4×4 canopy cloth. It is therefore not surprising that the Slingshot kites are known for their super solid construction. The power lines are attached to pulleyless bridles so that you have a nice, direct feeling with the Code V1 and the kite has direct input of everything you want the Slingshot Code to do. Various mounting points have been made on the wingtips to adjust the Code V1 to your preferences in terms of steering angle and bar pressure. The Code V1 itself has a fairly light bar pressure and absorbs gusts easily, so you quickly feel familiar with the Slingshot Code V1.

The hybrid open-C canopy construction is the basis of the all-round properties of the Slingshot Code V1. The rounded wingtips make relaunching this kite very easy. The open design provides a large wind range and the bridles give the Code V1 the perfect angle of attack in all conditions.

Slingshot really amazed us with the versatility of the new Code V1. An ideal kite for the novice kitesurfer to the advanced kitesurfer who does not want to focus on one discipline. With a super solid construction and very smooth sailing characteristics, it won't be long before the Slingshot Code V1 is your favorite kite!

Specifications Slingshot Code V1 2023

  • All-round | Freeride | Air
  • Beginner to advanced
  • 3 struct
  • Completely new design
  • New lightweight dacron
  • 4×4 cloth technology
  • Pulleyless bridle
  • Low splitting of the power lines

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