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You probably recognize them: the high flyers'  who float over you at 20 meters with their black and white kites. For real ones big-air performance you have come to the right place at CORE.

With over 20 years of experience, CORE has built a reputation for providing the highest quality water sports products. With their headquarters located on one of Europe's water sports hotspots – the island of Fehmarn in Germany – they have the perfect conditions to test and develop equipment. Right on your doorstep, before the products undergo their final test in the hands of the international pro team at the most demanding spots in the world. 

CORE features a variety of exclusive materials and streamlined production processes. This provides a special sailing experience that is only reserved for riders who sail CORE.


Where big air begins

The Core XR8 takes you to new heights with its unparalleled performance!

Core's XR line is specifically designed to... get maximum enjoyment out of the sport.

In other words; kitesurfing as kitesurfing is known: tearing around at high speed, making sharp turns and jumping high.

That is why we think the Core XR8 is a good choice for the majority of experienced kiters; those who want to bounce back and forth really fast and make the biggest jumps!

XR8 Specifications

Because every kite is slightly different

Freeride | Easy Riding
Freestyle / Hooked
Hang Time
Kite Loops
Wake Style
Relaunch Kite

Fusion 5

The performance free rider

The brand new Fusion 5 may share the same name as its smaller siblings, but otherwise they have little in common.

We learned that you just can't make the smaller Fusions bigger. When you put them side by side, you see significant differences. That's because Core specifically adjusts the boards for lighter wind conditions.

Core's 5th generation boards feature new construction, rails, outline and hull. But they still have the same Cartan carbon that brings these super light 3kg boards to life.

The most visible difference between the smaller siblings is the unique displacement bump in the center of the deep vane. They also added a handle for the freestylers. And they have improved the channels, edges and outline for the freeriders.

Sensor 3S

Perfection through simplicity

Experience new-level innovation, functional design and sleek aesthetics in the ultra-light Sensor 3S – a legendary control bar with groundbreaking features.

Everyone's favorite control bar delivers the same light, direct and safe experience, but with some truly innovative features.

The titanium truss, Supported Single Frontline Safety, and Auto Untwist are carried over from the proven Sensor 2. They have cleaned up the bar ends and made them more ergonomic.

The softer bar ends now fold open to reveal hidden line winders and simple width adjusters. The biggest change, however, is the all-new easy-in QR. We have designed a quick release that is incredibly easy to attach with one hand.



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CORE has an extensive range of kites, boards, bars and accessories. GoShaka has made a selection of a number of products that we consider most suitable for our members.
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