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Sebastiaan van der Velden is in 2019 Ventum Kiteboarding started with the mission: to make kitesurfing more accessible. A mission that fits in one-on-one with GoShaka.

Before Ventum Kiteboarding, Sebastiaan built up another kitesurfing brand for 6 years. He was closely involved in setting up and managing their factory in Sri Lanka. He took all this knowledge and experience with him to establish the Ventum brand. Ventum's goal is to offer good kitesurfing equipment at low prices. The ambition is to allow Ventum to continue to grow and develop, but to remain true to its mission and values. 

Xplore V2


The Xplore V2 freeride kite is designed to make your life easy. Easy to jump, easy to sail upwind and easy to relaunch. The kite requires minimal rider input to perform. This is the ideal kite for beginners to semi-advanced riders who are starting with kiteloops.


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Given the shape of the Xplore, it is not love at first sight for someone who has been kiting for years. A double connection with the pointed wing tip usually means a slow-responding kite with heavy bar pressure and only comfortable in light winds. Like a Slingshot Rally for example.

But that's not the story with the Xplore. It's much faster, less cumbersome and much more fun than you'd expect. The combination of big jumps with a nice bang and the chance to smoothly move your kite forward again for a good landing is a wonderful mix of ease and excitement. It is not as fast as an F-one Bandit or Cabrinha FX. But the relatively low aspect ratio (longer struts) makes it quite easy to loop the kite. Is it less suitable for beginners? On the contrary. It is quite powerful on the bar (medium plus bar pressure), making it easy to know where the kite is. And what it does better than most other beginner flyers is how easily the power is released by pushing the bar away. Which extends its wind range a lot to a very respectable high end. All in all, a kite with quite unique combinations that will be difficult to beat.

Xplore V2 Specifications

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Freeride | Easy Riding
Freestyle / Hooked
Hang Time
Kite Loops
Wake Style
Relaunch Kite

Karma V2

Premium all-round twin tip

The Karma V2 is a premium all-round board.

The medium/high rocker, single rail channels provide extra grip, control and feedback. The 3D wood core provides the ultimate balance between comfort and control.

This board is for every rider who wants an ultimate freeride experience. Perfect for the novice and semi-advanced kiter who wants to benefit from the best price-quality ratio in the entire market.

Tough V3

Sense & simplicity

The Tough v3 is a comfortable bar with finger profile wrapped in EVA for a soft and ergonomic grip. The low V-junction with single frontline safety line and the Seatbelt Quick Release makes it one 'state of the art' bar. With the 1.6mm dyneema lines it reaches up to 450kg breaking load.

Soft EVA bar ends float the bar and protect the hard parts inside. The Tough V3 has a stainless steel bar center for optimal strength and a PU covered depower line for reduced wear.

The Seatbelt Quick Release is the latest innovation for trouble-free resetting of the safety system. A ceramic ball bearing allows effortless loosening of the front lines after a rotation.

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Ventum has an extensive range of kites, boards, bars and accessories. GoShaka has made a selection for a number of products that we consider most suitable for our range of products.
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