Ventum Xplore V3

Ventum Xplore V3

This product contains:

  • The orange Ventum Xplore V3
  • Ventum Backpack
  • Compression bag
  • Multipurpose belt
  • Repair kit


Retail value: €762.00 – €932.00 

From:  25,00 / month

Your subscription includes:

Brand new gear
Rrepair service
Annual gear check
Board bag service
 Free participation in GoShaka events
25% discount on all your accessories

Choosing the right kite size has many variables. On this page we have explained it easily!

Your board size depends on your weight and style. Here you can easily see which size is suitable for you! 


Ventum Xplore V3 – The ideal beginner kite 

The Explore V2 is the kite that makes the life of every kitesurfer easy! This freeride kite is designed so that you can easily jump, easily sail upwind and easily relaunch.

The Explore V2 requires minimal input from the rider to perform, so it doesn't matter if you're a beginner just finishing lessons, or an advanced surfer getting started with kiteloops. This kite is perfect for anyone who likes convenience and wants to enjoy the sport effortlessly.

With the Explore V2 you can enjoy a super smooth flight without having to worry about the kite. The kite will never let you down, so you can fully focus on surfing and taking turns.

The Explore V2 is a kite that is perfect for anyone looking for a kite that will allow them to discover what the kitesurfing world has to offer and take their kitesurfing to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Experience the Explore V2 yourself and experience the convenience!

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Differences compared to the V2

The biggest change is that the Xplore V3 (standard version) is significantly lighter than the V2. This makes the kite easier to turn and improves the kite's drift and low range.

  • V2 uses a 0.1mm bladder while V3 uses a 0.08mm bladder. This means that the bladders in V3 20% are lighter.
  • V2 uses a dacron frame around the canvas (the inflatable frame is not mentioned here), in V3 this has been replaced by a heavy canvas frame. This means that the frame around the canvas in V3 60% is lighter.
  • The AR (aspect ratio) of the small and larger sizes has been slightly adjusted.
  • The bridle lengths on several sizes have been slightly adjusted.
  • Some construction updates in LE (leading edge) and struts.

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