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No high upfront costs

Forget the high upfront investment and unexpected repair costs. Subscribe to a complete kiteboarding set containing a brand new kite, board and bar. Starting from €61/month.

Worry-free riding

As a subscriber, you ride on the water worry-free with brand new equipment. Experience any problems? We fix it in no-time . In addition, as a subscriber you get an annual gear check . We make you ride safe, always!

Full flexibility - tailored to your needs

We have the right gear for every type of kitesurfer. Choose between all the different models, brands and choose a leasing term and monthly fee that suits you best. Need a tailor-made proposal? Get in touch!

Exclusive discounts

Watch your inbox closely; a new edition of Down the Wind, Up the Coast is coming! Subscribers participate for free !

On top of that, they receive a 25% discount on wetsuits, harnesses and other accesoires.

Make count


Downwinder with Red Bull


Downwinder with Red Bull

After a legendary first edition, GoShaka organizes the 2nd edition of Down The Wind, Up The Coast (DTWUTC2). This year we are collaborating with the Dutch Kitesurf Association and RedBull, among others, to organize another unforgettable downwinder for you!


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We understand a new service comes with questions. Do you have more questions? Don't hesitate and reach out!

As a GoShaka subscriber you receive:

  1. Brand new gear from CORE, North, Slingshot & Ventum
  2. A free annual gear check, just to be sure.
  3. Repair service: Something broken? We fix it.
  4. Always 25% discount on your wetsuit, harness and other accessories from Ride Engine.
  5. Boardbag service: Going on a kite trip? We will arrange a travel bag for you free of charge. 
  6. Advice on which gear suits you best.
  7. Try & Fly: try it out first? Don't worry! Try your new kite before you subscribe!

Would you like to read more about the GoShaka subscription? Read it here! 

We understand that you get attached to your gear over time! That is why it is possible to purchase your gear at the end or during your subscription. Get in touch via chat, email or Whatsapp to find out what the price is for your set.

You will receive your new set within a week! If there are delays from our supplier or carrier, we will let you know in time. Questions about a placed order? Let us know! We cover shipping costs, which is part of a care-free experience!

No problem! We will arrange for your equipment to be repaired immediately. All you have to do is send the defective item to us. You pay €35.00 fixed costs for every type of repair..

Within a week we will have your gear fixed so you can get back on the water ASAP. If it takes longer than expected, we will look for a suitable solution together. This way you never miss a session.

We will send you an email one month before the end of your subscription in which we offer the following options:

  • You can buy your gear from GoShaka at a fair price
  • You can keep your subscription to the same gear at a reduced monthly price
  • You can take out a new subscription to brand new gear 
  • You return your gear to GoShaka and terminate your subscription.


If you do nothing, you can continue to use the gear and your subscription will continue. You can then cancel at any time or use one of the above choices.

Absolutely! We are big fans of traveling with our kite gear and understand that you want to travel the world with your kites. If you still need a board bag, we got sha! With our board bag service you will be provided with a board bag for free for the first week and then €15.00 per week after that! See you in Cape Town, Brazil or Tarifa!

Delivery is completely free! We aim to make your GoShaka experience as easy as possible, which does not include delivery costs. Do you want to cancel your subscription and return your gear? We will create a shipping label for the return shipment. Of course at 0 costs. This also applies to the gear check and any necessary repairs.


Let us know! We're happy to help you.

Want to test out your new kite first? Which can! Plan your Try & Fly!